Honestly, I was either sleep walking or Frankenstein did the master legend for this chart because there are so many mistakes in colors and symbols I swear it belongs to a different design altogether!  But, I have put my detective hat on and painstakingly gone through all of the symbols, colors and chart directions and here are the necessary items to note if you have purchased this design:

Missing Colors not noted on published chart that will be needed for stitching the Haunted Alphabet design are:

Crescent Colours - Plum Paisley (DMC 327

Crescent Colours - Lobster Claw (DMC 900)

Crescent Colours - Eve's Leaves (DMC 470)

DMC #550

DMC #973

I have also added in the DMC equivalent so if you want to save some money and just buy the DMC colors, it will still turn out as nice, I promise!

I was also missing two DMC colours of thread on the master legend and you will need DMC 550 for the alphabet lettering and also DMC 973 for a couple of other areas stitched in a bright yellow color.

Frankenstein's face and green stripes on the witch's tight beside the letter A should be stitched in a different color green than original chart shows.  The color they should be stitched in is CRESCENT COLOURS "EVE'S LEAVES" or DMC 470.
I have a PDF version of the changes made to the chart shown in purple which I would be happy to e-mail to everyone that asks me for it.  

SYMBOL CHANGES:  There is no symbol "k" used on the chart and no use of Crescent Colours "Red Ribbon".

HAUNTED ALPHABET - Chart errors to note

I will have a PDF file ready shortly to address some charting and symbol errors that I was notified of this afternoon.  Please e-mail me at to let me know if you have purchased the "HAUNTED ALPHABET" chart and it is a version showing inaccuracies.  Thank you!


Newly released (July 2012) is the highly sought after Halloween Ornament publication by Just Cross Stitch - enjoy 48 spooktacular designs by everyone's favorite cross stitch designers including "WITCH ONE" by Pickle Barrel Designs!

Hoffmann Distributing - Friday Feature - July 20, 2012

I am excited that my distributor, Hoffman Distributing did a "Friday Feature" on me today on their website - here is the link if you want to check it out:


JULY 16, 2012:  OK, I have to admit that I am the world's worst person for sitting down at a computer and updating my website so instead I want you to follow my blog on Blogspot - just look it up under "Nancy-Pickle Barrel Designs" and I can promise you that I update this one at least once a week with new photos, snips of upcoming design releases and plenty of information both relative to cross stitch and also our 2 wonderful kids - trust me, they could have their own blog with the stories they help create on a daily basis!  So if you want the absolute most up-to-date information for Pickle Barrel Designs, your destination is Blogspot!

This picture is for a brand new release coming out in about a week called "SPOOKY MANOR" which will be a kit with full skeins of Sullivans Threads and will sell for $13.00!

Back on Track and adding a BLOG as well!  March 6, 2012

Howdy! I just wanted to welcome all of the new stitchers that have joined my blog - now the pressure is on to keep it current and full of interesting things - I think I'm up for the challenge!!! For those of you love snowmen designs, have a look at the Freebies link on my website as I have a cute design there called SNOWY NOEL which I could always convert to a JPG file and e-mail out to you once I reproduce it in my designing program - that one was created many computers ago so I have no idea where the original file even exists at this point - I still have hard copies that I can mail asap though - plus there are a couple of other freebies as well to choose from. I am currently working on 3 winter themed patterns, then there will be a release in time for Memorial Day - and after that it turns into Halloween and Christmas patterns all the way and I have plenty already done on those ones!   You can find me on Blogspot, just search for "Nancy - Pickle Barrel Designs" and join as a follower!  I give away new designs on a monthly basis and tend to update the blog almost daily!  The design shown above is newly released and is called "SWITCHITS - WINTER" - available today through your local cross stitch store and retails for only $8!

December 28, 2011

Well Christmas just passed by and now it is on to the New Year - 2012 - wow, I often ask myself where the time goes because I have no idea -  blink of the eye and another month moves by!  We had a delightful Hannukah and Christmas - the kids loved every minute of it and my sister came to visit from Canada for a couple of weeks and one of the things we did over the Holidays was make gingerbread houses with my 2 little ones.  As you can see from the picture above, we certainly had a great assortment of candies to decorate the houses with, and trust me when I say that mixing a home-made batch of "Royal Icing" to glue everything into place is somewhat akin to mixing your own cement at home!  The stuff has to mix for 12 minutes and once it is done it is as thick as concrete and I won't even get into what happens once it all dries - heavy duty brick mortar!!!

In stitching news one of my newest designs for Valentine's Day called "LOVE LETTER" will be pictured in an editorial in the next issue of Needlework Retailer magazine compliments of Mark and the fine folks at Sullivans Threads (gotta love love love my Sullivans Threads - just like DMC only better!) and keep your fingers crossed that a Christmas ornament design I did makes it into the "accepted" list for the 2012 Just Cross Stitch Ornament never know you have a chance to get selected unless you submit an ornament and that is exactly what I planned for the end of 2011!  Either way I still love to design and am hopeful that I will have a lot more new releases in 2012 for you to look forward to.  As always, I welcome your comments and ideas and pictures - until my next update, HAPPY STITCHING and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


I hope all of you ghosts and goblins are getting ready for Halloween next week - and anyone that has little kids knows it is almost as important for them as Christmas is - sort of like the holy grail of Holidays!  We have been busy with getting back into the swing of things with school, Fall Festivals and just generally keeping up with life.  I have just gotten back into the designing mode and am working on a Christmas design that unfortunately won't be ready to release on time this year and just may have to hold over until next year to be released.  My goal is to start getting items stitched and framed out for release during 2012 and just chalk most of this year up to a busy and unproductive cross stitch year (unfortunately).  Between bad Spring flooding, getting hammered with a continuing sinus infections, and then having a dishwasher leak and take out the entire kitchen and 2 other rooms, I do believe that I have no guilty conscience about not being able to stitch nearly as much as I would like to in 2011!  Turn the page and let's just jump into 2012 with some lofty designing goals, why don't we!  HAPPY FALL to y'all!

Presenting "CAPE COD SUMMER" (June 1, 2011)

Wow, I cannot even begin to explain where the last few months have gone!  School just finished, both kids are home and itching to play outside and what happens but we have the craziest storms yesterday through today - no kidding.  It started out kind of chilly yesterday morning and around the late afternoon all of a sudden a warm front moved into the area and the temperature shot way up to 87 degrees with 90% humudity.  You just had to know with that kind of rapid change in the weather, we were in for a night of rocking and rolling with bad storms.  Then at about 9 pm we were watching out a window facing east and south, and could see these massive black clouds moving quickly towards us, and all of a sudden there was a huge downpour and crazy 90 mph winds coming at our house.  Then the lights went out and both kids woke up completely freaked out by the sheer noise of the wind and storm so we all went downstairs to our basement level and hung out in the spare guest room - in case the tornado sirens went off we could get to the one inner room down in our basement that has no windows and no outside walls.  After watching what has happened elsewhere in the United States with tornados, my husband and I were not taking any chances.  The worst part of the storm lasted about an hour and then the electricity never did come back on until almost 4:30 am so it was indeed a very long night in our household!  Then when the sun came up and we could see around us, there were trees pulled out of the ground, electrical wires down all over, at a local boat dealersip, the wind had flipped over several boats onto their sides, I am telling you, it was less than 10 mph and we would have hit hurricane wind speeds so small wonder there was so much damage.  A couple of apartment buildings had their roofs ripped off, and I drove past a 2 storey cement business building where the entire front of the building had collapsed in and then the roof caved in on top of the walls.  Luckily this all happened late in the evening so there was probably no one inside the building but it certainly did make me scratch my head and wonder if we had some tornados actually touch down in areas of town last night.

Now, onto new cross stitch releases which are so long overdue from me that I am somewhat embarrassed but better late than never, right folks!!!  I have just uploaded a picture of "CAPE COD SUMMER" which is now available and I have also released "CAPE COD HALLOWEEN" which I will upload right after this update is done.  That design is also available and both retail for $9/each. I received such wonderful feedback about my Cape Cod Christmas design that I got inspired to work on a couple other seasons with the same little town in mind.  

I have also been furiously working on several new Halloween designs - one more small design to go before they can be shipped off for framing with Paula at The Craft Gallery in Findlay, Ohio, and then as soon as I receive them back they will be ready for release.  I am anticipating the end of this month or early July for at least 2 more Halloween designs to come out from Pickle Barrel Designs.  In the meantime, I better get into action and upload a new freebie shortly otherwise you all might stop coming back to my website!!!  Sorry for the delay in updating my news section and also for the sloooooow release of new designs but many thanks for your patience!

Happy Stitching!


Ahhhh, almost how I feel now that flood season is upon us in the Midwest.  Apparently we are to expect half a MILLION sandbags to be delivered down our front street starting tomorrow and then the dike building begins to hold back the mighty Red River.  This will literally be the 3rd year in a row that we have had to build dikes and prepare for major flooding with the swollen river - so much for that "100 Year Flood" that is only suppose to come around once every 100 years.  I think someone got their wires crossed!  At least we have an excellent city infrastructure that know exactly what to do and there isn't the air of panic right now that usually comes right before the waters start rising.  The interesting part is that we are about 3 weeks later for the river crest this year than it was last year happening in mid-March.  Perhaps we can look at it as more time to prepare.  We had the craziest weather last week, let me tell you.  Last Tuesday evening it started out as a rainstorm, then progressed to about an inch of hail landing on the ground, and from there it turned into snowfall and blizzard winds that whipped it all over the place - oh and did I mention the fact that we actually had thunder and lightening all throughout the SNOW STORM?  Since when is there suppose to be thunder and lightening during a blizzard - wow.  So we finally dug out from that snowfall Wednesday and now we are back into colder temps in the 30's.  SIGH, Spring is seeming very far off right now!

In stitching news it has been a bit since I released any new designs - just "Lily O'Valley" in late January because the world's best framing shop (and cross stitch store) - THE CRAFT GALLERY in Findlay, Ohio was inundated with river waters that rolled right through their shop so they were out of commission for about a month having to rip the insides of the store, out, dry everything, have the rebuild process done, and are just about ready to re-open this weekend and since they do all of my model framing, of course it wasn't happening on a regular schedule since certainly they had a lot more important things to worry about.  Paula and Carlton, here's a shout-out to you and the wonderful job you do in the cross stitch world!  CAPE COD SUMMER was just framed and is being mailed out to me this week so it should be ready for release at the end of April - I know if you liked CAPE COD CHRISTMAS you are going to love love love CAPE COD SUMMER and best of all, I am currently stitching another new addition to the series called 'CAPE COD HALLOWEEN' which will release sometime in August!  So sit tight and I promise new designs will be coming your way!

Happy Stitching!


Just click on this link to access the Easter Freebie cross stitch that I custom designed for Hancock Fabrics and Sullivans Threads -

It is a delightful and whimsical Easter Bunny peering over a fence.  We could all use a dose of Spring here in the Midwest right about now so perhaps it will be a sign of good things to come - as in Spring time!

February 16, 2011 - Sneak Peek at "CAPE COD SUMMER"!

While I have never done sneak previews before of my designs prior to them being framed, I just couldn't resist posting a little portion of the newest design called CAPE COD SUMMER - it is a companion piece to last year's CAPE COD CHRISTMAS and this design just makes me feel happy!  It brings back memories of vacations on Cape Cod from the swimming ponds, to celebrating the 4th of July and visiting local farms not to mention those gorgeous old Victorian Houses.  The design is fully stitched and just being sent in for framing so I expect it should have a release date of early April if all goes according to plan.  Just keep your eyes to my website because I will announce when it is ready to send out to shops for sale!

In other news all of the people in the cross stitch industry are currently flocking to Nashville, TN to attend the biggest "Market" of the season so expect plenty of new designs from all of your favorite people in the coming weeks.  Once my 2 little ones get to be a bit older, I am planning on also attending Nashville Market one year because it is an excellent way to promote your designs and also to meet and greet all of those wonderful people that you have worked with over the phone and via the internet all these years.  To all of you, I say a big Thank You!  And to all of you who love Pickle Barrel Designs and keep requesting freebies and new patterns, I also give the biggest SHOUT OUT to!

Happy Stitching!

January 10, 2011

Another new year and plenty of excitement in the designing world with the Nashville Market coming up in mid-February.  It is the one time of the year that designers really go crazy with new releases and wouldn't you know it but between being sick, going on vacation, Christmas and 2 busy little children, I only have one - count'em - ONE new design to release.  SIGH, at least it means that I can really get to work and plan for 2012 releases on time!  The one design that I have ready and waiting to release at Nashville is a friend of Jenny Bean - some of you are familiar with the ficticious character named "Jenny Bean" that Theresa Venette of Shakespeares Peddler has developed and a lot of designers are making companion pieces so that Jenny Bean has new friends!  Lizzie Kate made one, as did Raise the Roof Designs, Shepherd's Bush is developing a design, and the list goes on and on. The entire concept is just too cute for words and hence, I designed "LILY O'VALLEY" who is an Irish lass in 1820 that is getting ready to board her sailing ship from Ireland to America to visit her penpal Jenny Bean!  The chart will be available mid-February and retails for $8.00.  Your local cross stitch store will be able to order it through Hoffman Distributing or you can order it through THE CRAFT GALLERY or SHAKESPEARES PEDDLER.  I had such a grand time coming up with the concept and then the designing and stitching of the piece, I am very excited for everyone to see it.  Keep checking back as I will post a photo of the framed design in the next day or so!  Until then....


It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas!

And that is an understatement!  Here in North Dakota we have had about 6 inches of snow since early this morning, another half inch on Sunday, and we are expecting another 6 inches or more starting Wednesday and then into Thanksgiving Day along with 35 mph winds - white-out conditions on the road if you ask me!  I can tell you one thing, I just came back inside from shovelling and then picking up my daughter from a play date, and it was not nice out on the roads for driving so we are all going to be in our warm house and leave the treacherous driving to those who HAVE to be outside.  Besides, we all have colds at the moment, sheesh, what a bunch!  So for all of you that don't get to "enjoy" the prettiness of a good snowfall, here is a picture I just took moments ago out our back door in the yard - as you can see, there is plenty of the white stuff to go around.

Happy Stitching!

EXCITING NEWS TO REPORT! (November 19, 2010)

And that exciting news is that Hancock Fabrics has picked up one of my new Easter Designs to release on their website this Spring as a freebie pattern to stitch in coordination with Sullivans Threads!  Yahoo, I am very proud for being chosen as their Easter Design and I hope you will all keep your eyes on their website this Spring when it appears - or else just keep checking back to my website because I will post a link as soon as it comes up!

Thanksgiving is almost here!

I hope that everyone is getting ready for a wonderful, family filled Thanksgiving, and let's not forget about the other most important Holiday of all....I'm talking about BLACK FRIDAY SALES!  Yes, I am one of those crazy people who loves to get up at 3 am to fight the shopping crowds at 5 in the morning.  I've gotten some excellent deals over the years so why stop now - that's half the fun of it all!  Here's a great story - our 4 1/2 year old daughter saw the animated special "Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus" done by Macy's on TV last December and absolutely loved it.  Problem was that we didn't record it not thinking it would have that sort of instant impact.  So as of last January and with the new year, my husband got busy calling Macy's Corporate Offices, all of the production companies, the network it aired on, and everyone else he could think of to track it down on DVD.  Turns out in the end that it wasn't being released for sale but he never gave up and sometime this summer someone from Macy's Corporate called him back to say it would be out on DVD starting November yesterday comes along and he is standing outside of Macy's waiting for them to open so he could get a copy of the show on DVD (and a hardcover book too!) and as he is paying for his purchases he gets a cell phone call from a Senior Vice President at Macy's asking if he was aware it was being released today.  My hubby said yes, in fact I am standing in your store right now buying a copy and it turns out the Macy's Exec was also here in the same store so he met up with my husband at the check-out and proceeded to give him a free DVD and hardcover book for our daughter to enjoy - and thanked him for his persistence to get something that was so important to our daughter.  I thought WOOT WOOT, way to go!!!  So indeed I can say, "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" or at the very least a nice Macy's exec. that is looking out for a 4 1/2 year old!  Honestly, we had to download the 1 1/2 minute trailer off YouTube for her to watch on the Ipod all winter long last year and now she can sit down all cozy and snuggly on the couch to watch the show with her Mom, Dad and little brother - now isn't that the best Thanksgiving story ever!  

On a business note I will have one more design coming out this year in about 2 weeks called "MERRY & EVE".  It is a Christmas and New Year's sampler (2 designs) and I just posted a picture!  

I was archiving some old pictures the other day and came across some older designs that I did way back when I first started Pickle Barrel Designs - the snowman one is called "SNOW ONE" and to this day is still one of my favorites.  I'll keep bringing up pics of more oldies but goodies over the next couple of months and the good news is that all are still available - just have your local store order them through Hoffmann Distributing.  

Happy Stitching!

Design Studio

Well here is a picture of the design studio where Pickle Barrel Designs makes magic happen....OK, well actually it's a picture of my kids' playhouse but I just saw a slide show from Lizzie Kate that shows their design studio on their property and I felt sort of sad that all of my magic only happens...inside my actual house - hehehehe, seriously though, it really is the playhouse in our back yard all awash in sunlight this afternoon, I design on my home computer using PC Stitch Pro software, and stitch all of my own models.  The finishing is done exclusively by The Craft Gallery in Findlay, Ohio and the frames are provided by Huneywood Frames...then I am the one folding and packaging up kits and charts and am on a first name basis with "Mr. Brown" that UPS Delivery Man.  What would we do in a world without UPS or Fed-Ex - I ask you!  I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful autumn, and I know here it is suppose to be in the mid 70's right through to the end of the week - excellent news considering we are about 5 inches ahead of schedule for rain in September.  That will most certainly come back to haunt us come Spring flood time - I sense sandbags in my future, thousands and thousands of white sandbags for the 3rd year in a row during Spring flooding.  The Red River has a mind of it's own and can suddenly become this enormous, dangerous giant that tries to swallow anything in it's way.  Here's to a longer, DRY Fall until the first snowfall!

Crisp Leaves, Cool Night and...

did I happen to mention TWO NEW DESIGNS just released by Pickle Barrel Designs!  Yes indeedy, one is a kit called "Christmas Bustle" that comes with the chart and full skeins of Sullivans Floss and retails for $20.00.

The other new design is a Halloween themed 2-pack called "HallowEEK" and is just too cute for words - it will definately put you into the mood for ghosts and goblins when you start stitching these whimsical designs.  Chart retails for $8.00.

And coming in mid to late October will be a 2-pack of whimsical Christmas designs in the same sort of style - one for Christmas and one for New Year's Eve - I just finished stitching the Christmas model and designed the New Year's Eve design this afternoon - I feel so accomplished, trust me!  Now I only have to stitch it and get it to The Craft Gallery in Ohio for framing by the fabulous PAULA Fruth - she just has this uncanny sense of knowing what I want in framing, without me ever having to actually tell her - whoohooo!

Happy Stitching!


Ahhhh, my favorite time of the year - the temperatures start to cool, the leaves start changing color and you can smell smoke in the air - somehow it is just the single most relaxing season of the entire year for me.  When we lived in San Francisco that was the one thing that I really missed a lot - having 4 distinct seasons, especially Fall.  Don't get me wrong, having a green Christmas was exciting for perhaps the first year and after that is got old - this girl needs the Midwest to feel alive!  Our 4 year old started back at Pre-School this week and was quite excited to see her little friends again - the most shocking part is that she starts kindergarten next year - OH MY!  In stitching news, my website continues to experience upgrades and changes and should be completely "renovated" by the end of the year.  I have 2 new Halloween designs coming out this month, a Christmas kit, a Christmas sampler design (in early October), and then the sayings chart - the only thing holding me back on that set of designs (sassy sayings) is that I made so many changes to the charts while doing the actual stitching, I need to find the time to sit down and actually make those same changes on the chart that goes to print.  And that ladies, is how I sometimes have mistakes on the chart as compared to what you see in the framed picture on the front!  I am human after all, SIGH!  Just as soon as the Halloween designs come back all framed out, I will post pictures on the website for all to see.  Cape Cod Christmas continues to sell like hotcakes and I am just tickled about it.  Speaking of Cape Cod, I saw this morning that Hurricane Earl is aiming straight for the New England coast and am hoping that my beloved Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket stay out of harm's way (in addition to every other place inhabited up the East Coast).  I watched a Dateline special last week with Brian Williams and it was all about the first 5 days when Hurricane Katrina hit - and I literally sat there watching this news footage and wanting to cry - it was the most unbelievable thing I have ever watched and how the government just sort of fell apart for the first 5 days and didn't get food or aid to the victims at the Superdome and the Convention Center, among so many other places.  It made my heart stronger at the end when they mentioned that the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl last year and for a city that had been through so much, it was indeed a miracle of epic proportions.  So for all of you out there that were affected by that hurricane or the one coming in named Earl, our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Happy Stitching!

It's Already August - Arghhh!

Where is my summer????  It's almost Autumn and I can't figure out where June and July already went!  I wanted to drop a quick update and mention that "Cape Cod Christmas" is a VERY popular chart and selling like hotcakes so order your copy today - it will definately make the transition into Fall a little easier!  I am just stitching up a new Halloween pattern which will be ready for release in early September - very cute and colorful, that's for sure.  Plus my gal, Paula at the Craft Gallery in Findlay, Ohio is busy framing out a Christmas piece for me as well.  My poor web designer keeps trying to get answers from me about changes to make to my website but alas, with 2 kids under the after of 4 1/2, my spare time is sooooo limited until school starts up again for pre-school.  We'll get the site completed and let's just say it is my New Year's resolution to get it done by the end of this year.

I was outside playing with my kids yesterday afternoon since it was in the high 80's here and we all ended up having a water fight with the garden hose - when it was all said and done all 3 of us were soaked right through and I let the kids do a little swimming in their clothes in our backyard pool - it was hysterical and something that truly gives me kids wonderful memories of lazy summer days and growing up loved and supported in every way possible.  

I just HAD to upload the attached Halloween picture of our son for his first Halloween (he just turned 2) because it makes me laugh every time I see it and the best part is the "pose" happened naturally!

Happy Stitching!

July 19, 2010

Well then, by now you must have realized that my website has gone through some amazing changes recently and I am happy to be able to put some of them "live" for everyone to see.  Over the next couple of months you will start to notice even more changes included re-adding in the areas that contain an archive or Pickle Barrel Designs past charts, and a Freebie area that you can download via PDF instead of having to send me a SASE - how easy will that make it for everyone!  If you have comments, please e-mail and let me know your thoughts on the changes as they happen.  Also, you may notice some subtle changes taking place on my charts as I publish them right now - from a different format for the logo, to different placement of the information - all in an effort to bring a better, cleaner end-product to you, my fellow stitchers!

Can you believe how hot it has been lately - I heard on the news this morning that over 70% of the US are currently under "heat wave" conditions - alas, I know I will be dreaming of hot weather in the middle of winter here in North Dakota, but for right now I'll just have to sit tight and try to find some cool events for my kids like running through the sprinkler and wading at the local swimming pool.  We took them to the local Fair last weekend and they loved it - I'm adding a picture of them on the kiddie roller coaster - wheeeee, all you have to do is check out the look of sheer enjoyment plastered all over their smiling faces and that should get you into the summer spirit.  As always, Happy Stitching!

July 1, 2010

Happy 4th of July everyone - I hope your weekend is filled with fun family moments, lots of sunshine and maybe even a little bit of stitching!  I know it's hard to think about right now, but I have been madly stitching up a Christmas design that is coming out as a kit and I am almost finished - I'll post a teaser picture once it is done and before it gets framed by The Craft Gallery in Findlay, Ohio - Paula over there just does the most amazing job at matching the perfect frame for each picture and I swear, I wouldn't know what to do with my models without her.  I also have another Christmas design ready for release this month, and the sassy sayings are ready as well - I just have to find the time to formalize the chart info and get it to the printers with pictures.  Ahhh, now if only there were 28 hours in a day instead of 24, I would just use the extra 4 hours for stitching related items - a girl can wish, can't she!  So be careful with your fireworks this weekend and enjoy the summer because we here in the Midwest can certainly appreciate the fact it is shorter than it use to be when we were little kids and 2 months went on forever in the sunshine, skipping rocks at the lake and taking bike rides with out friends to get a popsicle at the little corner store.  HAPPY STITCHING!

June 1, 2010

Every single time that I have to write "2010" it still sort of freaks me out!  Just one of those random thoughts that if I was into Twitter, I'm sure that half a million people around the world would know that little thought of mine!  Hahahaha!  OK, so it is now the start of June and we all know what that means....time to get Halloween and Christmas patterns stitched and ready for release.  Indeed, it is true, nothing like rushing the seasons when you are a designer.  At this very moment I am stitching up a model for a Christmas Kit that will knock your socks off - it has everything from a Christmas tree farm, to a little red car driving away with a tree strapped to the roof.  It should be ready for release sometime around the end of July or early August.  Then I have one more Christmas Design to stitch, and a Halloween design and I should be rolling right along.  So sit tight and keep checking back for updates and new web designer is still working on my site, and thank goodness and given me access to making changes and updating pictures and this "News" area without me having to drag up the old hard drive, wait 20 hours for it to load up and another 20 hours to be able to make the changes to the website using my ancient old software that I previously had - HA, see, it's 2010 and finally I've decided to jump on the technology bandwagon and just in time too!

Happy Stitching!

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